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Established in 1946, Cora Lynn was the first Wonga daughter Stud in Australia.

A depth of breeding spanning almost 9 decades has produced a predictability and depth of breeding second to none.

Located in the heart of Central West NSW the property Cora Lynn has bred exceptionally productive merinos since 1901.

Highly competitive in the show ring for decades, Cora Lynn decided our clients needed our top rams, more than we needed ribbons. We run our rams in real conditions, allowing them to get out and do what they do best. We understand the need to produce heavy cutting, well nourished wools on a large framed, highly fertile animal with depth and stretch.

We have carefully selected genetics that compliment each other to provide predictability and productivity


As a family owned and operated business, we are exceptionally proud of our product and welcome all enquiries.



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Cora Lynn Merino & Poll Merino Stud has earned its reputation in the Merino industry because we go out of our way to source the best genetics available, making our clients the most productive in their district.
Based on 4 distinct families - CORA LYNN - POOGINOOK - WANGANELLA - POLL BOONOKE
Providing the best genetics available




As Australia's first Wonga daughter stud - for over 70 years, we have produced heavy cutting, highly productive merinos, that thrive in all areas.

 In 1980 a special Stud Sire from Pooginook was introduced. Pooginook was selected due to its popularity and productivity in the late 1970's/1980's with many sheep being shown and sold across Australia. The P/GK sheep were a couple of microns finer than the Wonga's whilst retaining the heavy wool cutting characteristics of the Wonga sheep.Over the next 35 years Pooginook Special Sires( on most occassions being the Top Priced ram) were purchased.
Stud ewes from Pooginook as well as semen from P/GK were regularly introduced.

P/GK 0.32 was purchased by Cora Lynn at Dubbo National Ram sales for $13,000 in 1991(Second top priced ram).A huge framed 21 micron ram, P/GK 0.32 was a leading stud sire for many years at Cora Lynn and indeed the industry. He was representative of the old type Pooginook, loose skinned, heavy cutting genetics

During his years as a leading Stud sire, he was the father of over 25 Grand Champions, Champions and Supreme Exhibits, including “Emily”, Grand Champion Strong Wool Ewe at the Sydney Royal Easter Show!

24 years after his purchase we used his semen in an A.I trial ( November 2015 and 2016) We are now using his sons. We believed that P/GK 0.32's outstanding progeny  ( from his natural joinings in the early 2000's) and huge wool cutting ability would suit todays market. Indeed our concern of the lack of wool on many industry sires, cemented in our minds that he was the sire for the future.

Another impact sire Pooginook 3.5 or better known as "DT" was purchased in 2004 for $17,000 at the Pooginook on-property ram sale. Topping the sale "DT" was the highest price paid for a 2 tooth ram in 2004.

A prolific breeder - "DT" went on to be an impact sire at Cora Lynn and the merino Industry. His best sons formed a family with the top son "Cora Lynn Jim", also proving to be an impact sire.

P/GK "DT" and "Cora Lynn Jim" progeny are renowned for their exceptionally bright and well defined wool.



WANGANELLA 170374 -$20,0000 - Top Priced Wanganella Ram 2019

In 2011, Cora Lynn decided to establish a family from the famous Wanganella stud, purchasing the top priced horned Ram offered during the 150th Anniversary sale for $26,000.

Cora Lynn was successful in purchasing the top priced Wanganella ram in 2019 ( pictured above). An incredibly large ram with a pure muzzle, deep flank and well nourished, stylish wool. Micron 21.2, SD 3.2, CV 15.1, CF 99.3. EMD 39.0, Fat Scan 5.5mm. A highly productive ram sired by Wanganella 151992 – Sold for 22,000 in 2016. His lambs on the ground are nothing short of exceptional. We are thrilled to have purchased such an impact horned sire

In 2015 we purchased  W14035 "Gus" for $17,000 ( top priced ram) at the Wanganella on-property sale.

"Gus" attracted our attention for his well defined, lustrous wool with a mean fibre diameter of 19.8 and CF of 99.6, and body weight of 110.5kg..

W140305 “Wanganella GUS" is a true Stud Sire with lustrous, exceptionally well nourished wool. Gus was sired by W2.0001 Wanganella Sire by W0.0019 (2013 Champion March Shorn Medium Wool Ram and Reserve Champion Medium Wool Ram at Australian Sheep & Wool Show, 2013 Riverina Ram of the Year, 2013 Champion Medium Ram March Shorn at National Merino Show and 2013 Champion Medium Wool Merino March Shorn Ram at Royal Adelaide Show).

W0.0019 was sired by Charinga Pearler (6.13).

2011 Champion Medium Wool March Shorn Ram at Australian Sheep & Wool Show, 2011 Champion NSW Junior March Shorn Ram at National Sheep Show, 2011 Grand Champion March Shorn Ram at Royal Adelaide Show and 2011 Winner of Fibre Meat Plus class at Royal Adelaide Show.

Progeny of Gus are exceptionally long bodied sheep,  with well defined soft handling wool.




POLL BOONOKE 170374 -$20,0000 - 2nd Top Priced Poll Ram 2019


Cora Lynn established its poll stud with the purchase of semen from Kamora Park 204 a very big, upstanding and correct ram. We also had other Poll crosses dating back to when P/GK had a Poll stud in the 1970's.

Cora Lynn  secured the second top-priced ram of the sale 2018 , Poll Bonooke 170374, for $20,000. 

With a micron of 20.5 and weighing 120kg, it was sired by Poll Boonoke 150026 and had 3.0 SD, 14.6pc CV and 99.7pc CF with an EMD of 42mm and fat scan of 6mm. 

In the top 1pc for yearling weight with an ASBV of 11.0, the PB170374 was also top 5pc for YCFW with a figure of 27.4 and DP+ with an index of 162, and top 10pc for MP+ at 158.4. 


2021- SALE RESULT - The Land newspaper

The 34th annual Cora Lynn Merino ram sale was held at Peak Hill last Wednesday, with a full clearance of rams reaching a $2600 top and $1705 overall average, an increase of $155 on the previous year.

In the breakdown Rob, Kay and Steve Lindsay of the Cora Lynn stud sold Merino rams to a top of $2600 and averaged $1748, while Poll Merino rams sold to a $2000 top and averaged $1608.

New client Kelvin Williams representing J and K Williams, Young, secured the top-priced ram. He was 17.8-micron 99.8 per cent comfort factor son of Poll Boonoke 170374, purchased for $20,000 in 2018 by the Lindsay's.

Mr Williams was impressed with the size and exceptional length of body of the ram, coupled with his thickness and length of staple. The Williams have purchased ewes from Cora Lynn clients and are thrilled with the productivity of the bloodline.

They family secured another four rams to average $2160 across their draft.

Andy and James Strahorn, Glen Isla, Tomingley, purchased the second top-priced ram for $2300. He was also a son of PB 170374 with a micron of 16.5 and comfort factor of 100pc.

The Strahorn brothers of Tomingley, secured 11 rams to average $1645.

Other buyers included long-term clients the Carney family, Wellington, purchasing five rams, Michael Dunn, Peak Hill two rams and T.Mclean, Tullamore, four rams.

The sale was conducted by Elders Dubbo with Paul Jameson as the auctioneer.



2020 - SALE RESULT - The Land newspaper 

CORA LYNNS TOTAL CLEARANCE - The Lindsay families 33rd Annual Ram sale saw a total clearance, with established clients paying an overall average of $1550, at Peak Hill, on Wednesday.

Merino rams topped at $2800 to average $1504 while Poll Merino rams sold to the sale top price of $3200 and averaged $1626.67.

Long term clients Garry and Lindy Carney, Yarrawonga, Walma near Wellington secured the top-priced poll ram. Lot 2, a long bodied, well grown ram, with free growing wool for $3200. The ram a son of Poll Boonoke 170374, purchased by the Lindsay’s in 2018 for $20,000 microned 19.5 with a comfort factor of 99.5. The Carney’s also secured lot 23, by the same sire.

Return buyer David Johnstone from Silent Grove Tenterfield, secured 3 rams including the Top priced horned ram, lot 18 for $2,800. The ram a son of Wanganella 140305 purchased by the Lindsay’s for $17,000 in 2015, microned 17.6 with a Comfort factor of 99.8. Mr Johnstone said he was looking to “increase weight and wool cut with the characteristic lustrous wool style that he had come to expect from Cora Lynn blood”. Mr Johnstone stated that he “viewed Cora Lynn rams as exceptional value for money”.

Other buyers included long term clients the Strahorn brothers from Tomingley, purchasing 21 rams, Michael Dunn, Peak Hill 4 rams, T.Mclean, Tullamore 3 rams.

The Sale was conducted by Elders Dubbo with Paul Jamison as auctioneer.

2019 - SALE RESULT - The Land newspaper

THREE new buyers joined returning established clients to secure 38 of the 40 ram offering paying an average $1642 at the 32nd annual Cora Lynn Merino ram sale, Peak Hill, on Wednesday.

The sale cleared 27 Merino rams topping at $3400 to average $1689 while 11 Poll Merino rams sold to the sale top price of $3800 and averaged $1527.

For close to 20 years Garry and Lindy Carney, Yarrawonga, Walma near Wellington have been buying Cora Lynn rams and return each year to secure new sires because of their size and wool qualities.

This sale the couple purchased three poll rams and one Merino for an average of $2050 and included the $3800 sale-topper, a poll son of Cora Lynn Special Poll growing 19.6 micron wool with a 99.9 per cent comfort factor.

Mr Carney said the ram "hit" his eye as he entered the pen area.

"On closer inspection I liked his size, his bone structure and wool quality," he said.

The Carneys are moving towards poll sheep in their flock of 3500 ewes and double join their sires to 1500 ewes in autumn and 2000 in spring matings.

"We've done well by buying among the tops of Cora Lynn's rams each year.

"Our ewes are in fantastic order growing 19 micron wool, but we are feeding them well too in these dry conditions."

Paying the $3600 second-top money, also for a poll ram y the same sire, Rob Agnew, Ardna Cross, Peak Hill, returns because he says he loves the wool of Cora Lynn progeny and the rams are sold ready for work.

He will be joining 1500 ewes this year which grow an average 19 micron wool and cut seven kilogram fleeces.

Mr Agnew paid $1400 for another poll rams by the same sire.

Buyers of eight rams paying an average $1500 were Andy and James Strahorn, Glen Isla South, Tomingley, whose family have been buying Cora Lynn rams for many years before the Lindsay family began on-property sales.

Their top purchase at $2200 was a 19.7 micron son of Cora Lynn Jim ( a son of Pooginook Gem) one of seven horned rams and one poll.

The Strahorns are joining 1200 ewes this year of 20 to 21 micron and cutting 8kg fleeces.

Andy Strahorn said their clip returned $14/kg this year and aim to increase ewe number in the future and cut cropping down to about 400 hectares.

Robert Strahorn of Glen Isla, Tomingley, also returned and bought three rams averaging $1533 while Tony Strahorn, Glen Isla East, bought two averaging $1300.

The Gibson family, Windarra Pastoral, Fairview, Manildra, liked the progeny of their first purchases and returned for the second year and bought four rams paying to $2200 and a $1650.

They liked the meat and wool growth and will join 1500 ewes of 19.5 micron average in Spring and 500 in autumn this year.

Three first-time buyers included the Johnstone family, Four Winds, Silent Grove, Tenterfield, who are looking to increase the bulk of their wools to broader lines in the superfine country.

The sale was conducted by Elders Stud Stock, Dubbo, with Andy McGeoch, Orange, the auctioneer.

2017 - SALE RESULT - The Land newspaper

A 90 per cent clearance saw rams reach a $10,000 top and $1912 average at the Lindsay family's 30th on-property ram sale at Peak Hill, September 20.

AN impressive line up of sheep greeted mainly return clients at the Lindsay family’s 30th on-property ram sale at Peak Hill on September 20

Cora Lynn sold 45 out of the 50 rams on offer for a 90 per cent clearance, a top of $10,000 and a $1912 average, well up on last year.

The top priced ram created considerable interest, shown at the recent SWS Field days.

After spirited bidding the ram was purchased for $10,000 by John Marshall, Talbragar Partnership, Dubbo.

The long bodied ram has rich lustrous wool with a micron of 19.8, standard deviation (SD) of 3.3, 18.3pc fibre diameter coefficient of variation (CV) and a comfort factor (CF) 99.8pc.

The ram sired by Pooginook 0.32 purchased by the Lindsay family in 1991 for $13,000.

Semen was stored and used by the family as an experiment in 2015 to increase wool cut with outstanding results.

Mr Marshall said the ram was wonderfully put together with outstanding wool cutting ability.

“There aren’t too many around today like him. I saw him at the Field Days and I haven’t seen better for years,” he said.

Long term clients Garry and Lindy Carney “Eulalie North”, Wellington, purchased the second top price ram for $4200.

By Wanganella Gus, a stud sire purchased for $17,000 in 2015, the ram had a micron of 19.1, SD 3.6, CV 18.6pc and CF 99.5pc.

Multiple buyers included; Andy and James Strahorn, “Glen Isla”, Tomingley, who purchased nine rams; Ian Scolari, “Ermelo”, Tomingley, bought four rams and Rob Agnew, “Ardna Cross”, Peak Hill, secured six rams.

Recently receiving excellent prices for his wool clip, David Reid from “Aldon”, Narromine, added six new sires to his program at an average of $1200.

The Lindsay family were delighted with the sale results, especially with the results being achieved by their clients, many of whom have been with them for 30 years.

The sale was conducted by Elders with auctioneer, Andy McGeoch, taking bids.

Mr McGeoch praised the team at Cora Lynn for excellent presentation, evenness and exceptional wool quality which he has come to expect after auctioning for 29 years at Cora Lynn.



2016 - SALE RESULT - The Land newspaper

RAMS topped at $4000 and averaged $1376 at the 29th annual Cora Lynn Merino stud sale, Peak Hill on Wednesday, September 21 when 41 of 50 sold for the Lindsay family.

A swollen Bogan River and generally wet conditions as an aftermath of big September rains forced the Lindsay family to move their on-property sale to Peak Hill showground and the bad weather had also hindered several buyers from attending.

Stud principals Rob and Kay Lindsay and son, Steve, presented the sale team in peak condition considering the wettest winter and early spring the area had been experiencing, but exemplified the uniformity of the flock’s wools to moisture resistance displaying a team average of 18.8 micron with a 99.6 per cent comfort factor (CF).

However, it was long-standing clients for more than 15 years, Garry and Lindy Carney, “Eulalie North”, Wellington, who paid the top money while purchasing four rams averaging $1900 for their 18 to 20 micron self-replacing Merino flock cutting six to seven kilograms of wool on average depending on the year.

The sale-topper was a January/February 2015 drop son of a Wanganella/Cora Lynn Syndicate sire growing 18.7 micron wool with a standard deviation (SD) of 3.1 micron a coefficient of variation (CV) of 16.6pc and CF of 99.9pc.

Mr Carney said no ewe is over four years of age.

The policy is to get three lambs from each ewe then selling her and this practice works well as Mr Carney says he has no trouble selling surplus sheep.

“Our lambing percentages are good and we are holding a lot of good young sheep coming through for classing,” Mr Carney said.

Rams work for their keep at “Eulalie North” as they are joined twice and are used in autumn and late winter joinings.

Returning also was Rob Agnew, “Ardna Cross”, Peak Hill, who bought four rams paying to $3400 and an average of $2150.

His top buy was also a Jan/Feb ’15 drop son of a Wanganella/Cora Lynn Syndicate sire growing 19.5 micron wool with an SD of 3.3, CV of 16.9pc and CF of 99.3pc.

Another at $2600 was the same but growing 19.3 micron wool.

The sale was conducted by Elders Dubbo with Andy McGeoch auctioneer




2015 - SALE RESULT - The Land newspaper

CORA Lynn Merino and Poll Merino stud topped at $3000 twice today at the Lindsay family' on-property ram sale, Peak Hill.

Vendors Rob, Kay and son Steve Lindsay where happy with the outcome, with a clearance of 98% to an average of $1468.

Lot 7 was the first Merino ram to be sold at the top price to Rob Agnew, “Ardna Cross”, Peak Hill.

The Wanganella 0.009 son was 20-micron and had a comfort factor (CF) of 99.8 per cent, standard deviation (SD) of 3.4-micron, and coefficient of variation of 16.5pc.

The second ram to make $3000 was sold to Gary and Lindy Carney, “Eulalie North”, Wellington, who secured five rams up all up.

There was good local support and the sale was conduct by Elders Dubbo.




2014 - SALE RESULT - The Land newspaper


Rams averaged $1473 at auction and topped at $3400 for lot one which was purchased by John Ashley, ""Avocavale", Condobolin.
The ram had a wool of 19-micron and comfort factor of 99.7 per cent.It was sired by Cora Lynn Jim, which is by Pooginook Gem.Known as "DT" by the Lindsay's, it was purchased at Pooginook's on-property ram sale in 2004 for the sale top of $17,000.
Since then, it has become one of the "most influential impact sires at Cora Lynn over the past nine years" according to the Lindsay's.
Mr Ashley also selected a spring-drop ram by the same sire.This ram, with a 20.1-micron and 99.5pc comfort factor wool, was purchased for $1800.

The second highest priced ram of the sale was sold for $2200 to Mick Dunn, Dearnu Pty Ltd, Peak Hill.This ram was sired by Wanganella 0909, which was the top-priced horned ram in Australia in 2011, selling for $26,000.Mr Dunn's only purchase for the day featured a 19.2-micron and 99.4pc comfort factor wool.

Volume buyers for the day include Andy Strahorn and family, "Glen Isla South", Tomingley who took home eight rams for the day to average $1450.

David Reid, "Aldon", Narromine put together a draft of four rams to average $1000 each while the Barber family, "Emrose", Baldry selected nine rams to top at $2000 and average $1622.


We were thrilled with the result of our 26th annual On-Property ram sale, not only with the quality of the rams on offer, but the continued support of so many long term clients. A HUGE thank you to all bidders and under bidders.

It was encouraging to see the interest in the sons of Wanganella 0.909, he is certainly stamping his progeny with exceptional staple length and keeping that well styled Cora Lynn wool. We are also thrilled with the impact Cora Lynn Jim is having.

Described by auctioneer Andy McGeoch at tremendously robust sheep, the two sale-toppers at $3400 were chosen for similar reasons - plenty of wool.

The first being Lot 1, a 16.9 micron son of impact sire Cora Lynn Jim, was purchased by Zarin and Carla Barber for their 3500 ewe flock of Pooginook and Cora Lynn blood sheep based at “Emrose”, Baldry.

Rob Agnew, paid the same amount for Lot 2, a 19.6 micron son of Wanganella 0909, the top-priced horned ram in Australia in 2011 at $26,000

The average price for the day was $1456 – which was exceptional. We have sold a good number of rams since including several to a traditional fine wool producer who is wanting to put wool back on his sheep and chasing larger framed rams.



2012 - SALE RESULT - The Land newspaper

Yet another successful On-property Ram sale was held on Wednesday 26th August 2012.

Strong bidding from established and new clients saw a top price of $4,000 and an overall average of $1506. for the 59 rams sold.

The top priced ram, Lot 9 was purchased by long time client R. Agnew. The ram was a son of Buddy 627 with a micron of 19.0, SD 3.0, CV 15.8 CF 99.6 GWP 110%. The ram was a big upstanding, long bodied ram with a high body weight.

The 2nd top priced ram, Lot 1 sold to Allendale Merino Stud Wellington for $3,800. The ram was sired by Buddy 627 with a micron of 19.9, SD 3.3, CV 16.6, CF 99,8, GWP 112%.

A large number of grade rams sold following the auction.

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